2012 Wedding Food Trends

Last year, the wedding industry was filled with new trends. Some will extend into this year, while others will not. I'm anticipating what will be popular this year in food.

1. Cake Push Pops

2. Sophisticated Childhood Favorites
More and more couples are taking childhood favorites and turning them into sophisticated dishes. Below is a peanut butter creme brulee with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and peanut brittle and tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons.
Peanut butter creme brulee with peanut butter and jam sandwich and peanut brittle
(via aerocat)
3. Infused Waters
We discussed infused waters here, but I think couples will utilize this delicious, cost effective technique more this year.
4. His & Her Foods
Yes it's a southern tradition for the groom to have his own cake and it's a cost effective solution to offer two signature drinks as 'his and her' drinks, but now couples are going as far as to offer two types of foods. If the bride loves a certain type of food and the groom loves another, both are offered and categorized under 'his and her'. I think it's a great idea for couples having stations or appetizers at their wedding reception.

5. Unique Food Displays
Couples are utilizing non food items more and more for their weddings. I love the idea of using bookcases as bars and boats for raw bars.
6. One Plate Meals
I love the idea of having one plate with all the courses on it. I think I love it so much because I'm in catering and the thought of tons of dishes makes me exhausted. If executed correctly, it can look amazing and save time during the reception.
The flavors of one–of–a–kind Walt Disney World dining


catering services in philippines said...

Your food photography is delicious :) Really helpful for those who aren't too good in the kitchen. Thanks!


Neva Modzelewski said...

Cake push pops! They’re so fun and delicious to eat! :) They’d make a perfect dessert since you can eat them just anywhere. More so, the boat display is quite a sight with all those flavorsome deserts! ;)

Hawaii Wedding Planner said...

I love infused water!! Not only does it look elegant, it's the perfect event beverage for all ages!